jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

About me. 

My name’s Angel Daniel. I’m from Cabimas, originally. I live in Cabimas in Ambrosio. I’m 18 years old and I have a big family. My mom is a housewife and my dad an engineer. I have one brother

I study Law at URBE . My favorite Subjects are Fundamentos and Civil, This trimester I am taking 5 classes and I am in the 3er trimester.

I love music, playing soccer, My favorite food is pizza and I like chocolate.The most important to me is  my family I  also enjoy going out with my friends.

I hate getting up early, and can not stand the noise in excess

My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Barcelona City in Spain. 

 want to graduate and be a good lawyer. I also would love to learn to speak the english and I want to work only or in a law office.

About English, I think English is very important. speak and writing in english, It’s a good exercise for practice to the english 

Well, This is a little bit about me. Hope you liked it... Please, leave a comment!

always trust in you, goodbye.


* Write some questions like these:

1.- What´s your name?
R:  I´m Angel

2.- What´s your last name?
R: My last name´s Chourio

3.- How do you spell your first name?
R:   A-N-G-E-L

4.-How do you spell your last name?
R:  C-H-O-U-R-I-O

5.-What´s your e-mail address?
R:  chourio_a.d@hotmail.com

6.- What´s your phone number?
R:  04264671676

7.- Are you a Student?
R:  No, I´m not. I´m a graduate in law.

8.- Are you a student in URBE?
R:  No, but study in URBE

                                                                       Activity two. 

Homework for this unit:

A. Interview a friend, ask the following questions:

1. What's your first name?

2. What's your last name?

3. What's your nickname? How do people call you?

4. What's your phone number?

5. What's your e-mail address?

6. Who's your favorite actor?

7. Who's your favorite actress?

8. Who's your favorite singer?

9. Who's your favorite athlete?

1- My name is Angel David

2- My last name is Albornoz

3- The people call me by ad. 

4- My phone number is 0426-457-1676

5- What's your e-mail address?

6- My e-mail address is chourio_a.d@hotmail.com

7- Will Smith is my favorite actor.

8- Milla jovovich is my favorite actress

9- Adeleis my favorite singer...¡god!. 

10- Lionel Messi is my favorite Athlete.. 

They are my favorites artist from the world!

My favorites actors are Will Smith and Adan Sandler.  My favorites movies  "The Residen Evil" and "The Avengers".  And my favorites actresses are Milla Jovovich.  and Zooey Deschannel. They are amazing!...

Noel Schajris and Adele are my favorites singers... My favorites songs of them are "A medio vivir" and "Someone i like you'', they are great songs!

My favorite band is Sum 41 and  Over my head is my favorite song of them...

For last one, My favorite athlete is Lionel Messi He is the best player
 from the world

This is Lionel Messi, He's from Argentine, He's from Rosario de santa fe, originally city. Lionel Speaks
Spanish. He's player of soccer and is the best player in the world. 

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